The use of Mobile Augmented Reality in health education review

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This paper aims to present the analysis and synthesis of studies in Mobile Augmented Reality in health education, with a critical approach, and to develop suggestions for future researchers.  The use of Mobile Augmented Reality technology has shown recently an improvement in teaching and instructing methods, several scientific articles and researches showed how this new technology has a positive impact on education and improving the learning and teaching methods and also has a positive impact on student’s performance. A basic qualitative method was used, Therefore, a total of 52 studies including theses and articles submitted electronically between 2010-2020, were obtained from the National Dissertation database and Dergi Park. The result of those articles has shown different relationships between variable factors selected in health education and Mobile Augmented Reality, and the findings indicated that most of the studies used the academic scale assessment tool to find out how this technology positively affected student’s performance and their academic achievement. In addition, the findings in this study suggest that there should be more experimental studies especially when there is a new development and models are being created every year to make the students experience more related to the real world, however, there were limitations identified, that the researches were limited between 2010-2020, which is carried out only in Turkey.

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Djibril, D., & Çakır, H. (2021). The use of Mobile Augmented Reality in health education review. International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Sciences and Applications, 2(2), 1–15.