Occupational health hazards and risk assessments in wastewater treatment plant

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Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is considered one of the most dangerous sectors in the industrial field. Many workers still die each year due to poor awareness of workers about occupational health. Safety performance became important for different projects in the industrial field. Safety performance is concerned about the general behaviour of the workers in the worksite, usually, the performance can be evaluated by managing systems and identifying health hazards that can happen in the field. Many researchers tried to summary different methods to rate the safety performance. This paper describes the significant topics in risk assessment and hazard identification that have been done in the field of wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). The collected investigations have been arranged and sorted in this paper to set up strong basic information for the works in the field. Unlike the other studies, this paper is focused mainly on the safety performance, health hazard and risk assessment in the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). This study has found the specific factors that can affect the performance of workers since the workers in general workplaces are facing difficulties in determining the hazards that can be resulted in serious problems such as injuries and death.    

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Occupational health hazards and risk assessments in wastewater treatment plant . (2021). International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Sciences and Applications, 2(2), 21–25. https://doi.org/10.47346/ijaesa.v2i2.83