Risk management in construction projects in Somalia

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Abdirahman Jibril
Belal A. Shaban


These days, risk management and analysis are serious issues in the effective management of construction projects, because construction projects are likely to be very dynamic, productive, diverse and increasingly competitive. Risk management helps project parties such as clients, contractors and vendors/suppliers to meet their obligations to reduce negative impacts on their works. The outcomes of the risk management method include the analysis and detection of risks, the creation of building project management systems and the efficient use of resources. The aim of this article is to find out how the Somalian construction companies see the value of construction project risks and how to manage it by dispatching a questionnaire. The total questions of the questionnaire are seventeen questions and were distributed by various participants such as clients, contractors and designers. The findings show that in the implementation of risk management techniques, the Somalian construction industry varies greatly from building companies in foreign countries. The contractor needs to consider risk obligations, dynamics of risk incidents, risk tolerance and risk control skills to handle the risks effectively and efficiently. Due to the insufficiency of experience in the attitude of Somalian entrepreneurs towards risk management is very hard to change. However, as a component of their project management, the construction companies must include risk analysis in projects. The application of risk management in Somalian construction companies is small to moderate, with little difference between organizations' types, sizes and risk tolerances and individual respondents' experience.

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Jibril, A., & Shaban, B. A. . (2021). Risk management in construction projects in Somalia. International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Sciences and Applications, 2(2), 38–41. https://doi.org/10.47346/ijaesa.v2i2.70