Financial comparative study between post-tensioned and reinforced concrete flat slab

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Omar Ahmad


As for today, post-tensioned slabs gained much popularity and started to be widely used among construction companies all around the world. As we refer to the structural members, we acknowledge that the price of the slab is much higher in comparison to the other structural members like columns, beams, or foundation in accordance to the amount of steel and concrete in it. A comparative study has been done between post-tensioned, and reinforced concrete flat slab to compare how much each slab cost. It describes that since the post-tension slabs are thinner and it provides fewer columns, so the amount of concrete required is less than the required amount in a flat slab. Special steel tendons that are used in post-tensioned slabs will be stretched by a hydraulic jack after the casting of concrete, and these tendons have an effect in reducing the reinforcement steel bars. Although tendons are used only in post-tension slabs, the amount of steel used in it is less compared to flat slabs. Furthermore, the contractor work cost differs from doing the post-tensioned slab and flat slab. The study had been done by comparing the amount of concrete, steel and contractor work cost. The results obtained from the comparative study between post-tension slabs and reinforcement concrete flat slabs indicate that post-tensioned slabs are cheaper.

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Ahmad, O. (2022). Financial comparative study between post-tensioned and reinforced concrete flat slab. International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Sciences and Applications, 3(1), 1–6.