Evaluation of risk and safety in building structures under construction

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Shahram Jkhsi


Many of the structural defects in the past have happened during the project development process. While a structural engineer must build a safe, economic and functional structure, the durability of the partially constructed structure cannot be ignored at various construction levels. During the building, structural health is a major problem for the industry of construction. Collapses of temporary structures or unfinished permanent structures pose a hazard to safety. Predictive risk analysis methods have been applied over the past decade to evaluate the efficiency of the current existing structural building framework. Identification of risks is aimed at recognizing possible risks that can result in accidents. It describes the types of hazards and random parameters connected with the individual risks and subsequent incidents. The quantifying risk values identified with building structures built according to uniform rules are widely distributed. This study provided importance to a conversation about risk and safety in building structures under construction, to build buildings without damage and destroying, also steps of safety in building structures. The outcome of the project depends on the specifics of the prescription. Building structure safety may lead to big problems if subjected to those loads such as earthquakes and storms. A lot of structural problems happen during construction. Most failures were related to a malfunction in the formwork. This study describes how building systems can carry risks to buildings, as well as resisting the impact of loads that could cause trouble.

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Jkhsi, S. . (2020). Evaluation of risk and safety in building structures under construction. International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Sciences and Applications, 1(4), 24–28. https://doi.org/10.47346/ijaesa.v1i4.43