An investigation of the airport pavement management system (APMS)

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Mohammad Qabaja
Ahmed Labeedi


The research aims to discuss and investigate the process of airport pavement management system (APMS). The methodology of the research is based on previous studies that describe the major elements of the APMS to gain more solutions from the previous different case studies. The investigate includes various subjects such as components and cost approach of the APMS. The methodology used in the research is a descriptive method based on previous studies and from different books by using pavement management system (PMS). The study describes the typical distress types of the asphalt-surfaced pavements and the Portland cement concrete pavements of airports. Additionally, the research clarifies the test methods of the airport pavement, such as the ASTM D5340 and ASTM D6433. Research investigates that the software used in the APMS like PAVER and Road-SIT, Airport PMS that are used by the airport agencies to collect information about the situation of the runway pavement. The APMS still needs more research and new studies due to a lack of information and studies in different airports around the world. The airports shall use the service life estimation (SLT) for the pavement in the runways and parking. In recent studies, the method is not used, whereas including a quantitative methodology which demonstrates results to facilitate the clarity of the results to illustrate the advantage of the SLT.

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Qabaja, M., & Labeedi , A. . (2020). An investigation of the airport pavement management system (APMS). International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Sciences and Applications, 1(1), 27–33.
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Mohammad Qabaja, Department of Civil Engineering, Cyprus International University, Mersin 10, Turkey