Plastic hinge assessment of RC moment-resisting frames

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Mahmoud Alhassan
Mohamad Abdelrahim


This paper gives a short introduction about various kinds of analysis, plastic hinges, moment-resisting frames (MRFs) in RC Structures. It likewise gives computer software ETABS displaying and an investigation of structures concerning Pushover Analysis. The fundamental reason for this examination is to apply a push to all models, analyse and get a reasonable thought regarding their behaviour. The behaviour of these structures likewise was evaluated considering various variables such as the changes in the number of floors, spans length, reinforcements' yield strength and characteristic strength of concrete. This investigation incorporates the moment-resisting frames (MRFs) having 4, 7, and 10 storeys and a relative report for all models' outcomes. Pushover analysis is a nonlinear static analysis used to determine the relationship between strength and displacement in order to evaluate the performance of the RC frame structure. It was found that the plastic hinge may be assessed using parameters such as span lengths and the number of storeys. When the number of storeys increases, the elastic stiffness value decreases and when the span length increases the elastic stiffness also decreases. The collapse of members happens only when there is a formation of 3 hinge mechanisms. Plastic hinge colours have been given, and each colour has its significance to permit a good design.

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Alhassan, M., & Abdelrahim, M. (2020). Plastic hinge assessment of RC moment-resisting frames. International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Sciences and Applications, 1(3), 37–41.