Management, quality and economy in home building construction

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Khosro Zehro
Shahram Jkhsi


The framework of a construction industry could be identified by the nature of the work, by material type, contract volume, difficulty, and position of end products. In the planning phase of the construction projects, two fundamental constraints should be taken into account, and they include; quality and cost. To ensure a successful outcome, it is crucial to evaluate both limitations in the project's schedule and implementation. The management, economics, and quality of home construction are rapidly becoming a subject of international study, practical analysis, and execution. The construction of a project involves a broad range of complex operations. While supervising a construction operation, clients' demands and budget should inform of the adequate standard fit for quality. This is because if a project is not adequately managed, construction firms will encounter a substantial economic impact. Consequently, project management is a critical means for developing construction processes and successful completion of the project. This study gave prominence to a conversation about management, economics, and quality of home building construction. This is considering that customers are generally concerned with quality and costs when engaging professionals for procurement. The quality of the project outcome depends on prescription construction details, and the cost is the quality-related financial outcome. This study explains how residential building companies can create external partnerships, obtain direct and indirect support, and deliver optimal project results. It also explains how it is necessary to monitor and manage the quality and efficiency of the project via an enhanced economy control in the home constructions.

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Zehro, K., & Jkhsi, S. (2020). Management, quality and economy in home building construction. International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Sciences and Applications, 1(2), 12–17.