3D printed construction and implementation in Cyprus: Discussion and overview

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Mohamed Elasad
Dinmukhamed Amirov


The article describes the construction technology using three-dimensional printing. The use of 3D printing allows the engineers to implement architectural projects of any complexity, to reduce the amount of industrial waste, the deficit of housing, and material, energy and labour costs for construction. The article discusses the leading technologies that are used to print buildings and structures, their distinguishing features, methods of their application with examples of finished work. The issue of materials used for the manufacture of building mixtures and the present situation of 3D printing on the global market was identified in this investigation. All the positive and negative aspects of the 3D printing construction are listed. The construction companies, equipment manufacturers and research centres, which are the main participants in the market, are reviewed. The primary purposes of the study are the determination of the possibility of implementation of additive technologies in Cyprus and the promotion of innovative construction methods.

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Elasad, M., & Amirov, D. (2020). 3D printed construction and implementation in Cyprus: Discussion and overview. International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Sciences and Applications, 1(2), 26–32. https://doi.org/10.47346/ijaesa.v1i2.19